Wedding photography, events, couples, portraits, interiors

Portrait photography


I’m also very passionate about creative and conceptual photography and not infrequently I have fun with street photography, which is a genre I have been practising for many years now.

I prefer reportage to posed shots, because I believe that emotion and authenticity are the most important aspects of photography.


I have been collaborating for several years now with important photographic studios in the area of Lecce. On their behalf I carry out wedding photo shootings. However, I also work independently, managing, if required, a team that includes one or two operators for the video production of the event.

Mine is a reportage style. Ever since I started shooting, many years ago now, I realised that my strong point is ‘capturing the moment’. I am a strongly empathic person, with a strong sensitivity, and this allows me to understand what the really important moments are in these types of events.

What really counts for me is to get in tune with the bride and groom and describe their emotions through my photography.


What drives me to photograph couples is my desire to get in tune with people, to understand them, to tell their stories.

Describing through photography the feelings that two people have for each other can give me indescribable emotions. And so photography is no longer just a job, but a great passion, which has the power to elevate itself to art.

I always try to put ‘my’ couples at their ease, avoiding being intrusive, and favouring reportage over ‘posed photography’, because I believe that the real magic lies in the authenticity and spontaneity of people.


Architectural photography requires technique, calm, precision.

Managing light, avoiding the distortion of lines of a building… that’s not as simple as one might think. That is why a professional photographer makes all the difference.

Thanks to many years of study and experience on the field, I have learnt how to handle all this. Hotels, B&Bs, apartments, holiday homes must be presented in the right way on the most important tourist portals, such as Booking, Expedia, AirBnb, if you really want to convey an idea of professionalism.